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SeisGram 2K - School version

This software allows you to view and analyze seismograms Recorded by Seismological networks like those online "www.edusismo.org". 


The software can open files already downloaded and provides tools to test the data.


The software requires Windows. To install it on your computer, simply download the last version and start the installation. The program installs its directory by default in "Program Files". The software also installs a small database of seismograms (the catalog) and a help file to explain the menu. 

Organization of the installed directory  

The software is written in Java. It also functions in "applet" mode on our servers. You can use all the functionalities from the software online without installing the software.

In both cases, applet mode or installed on your computer, your should install a Java environment on your computer first.

Download and install the Java environment if it's not already done: from the Sun Microsystems site or on our website / 15 MB (version 



installation version for Windows: 

seisgram2K_install.exe (v.2.52 SCHOOL) / 27.08.2007 / 20 Mb 

seisgram2K_install.exe (v. SCHOOL) / 12.11.2007 / 20 Mb 

seisgram2K_install.exe (v. SCHOOL) / 12.05.2008 / 25 Mb 


for partial updates 

Catalogue of seismograms for Seisgram2K (place it in the directory "Program Files/SeisGram2K/utilisateur /") 

catalogue.zip / 12.05.2008 / 16 Mb 

SeisGram2K file in .jar format (place it in the directory "Program Files/SeisGram2K/") 

Seisgram2K.jar (v.2.52 SCHOOL) / 19.10.2007 / 1,3 Mb

Seisgram2K.jar (v.2.53 SCHOOL) / 12.05.2008 / 1.5 MBb 



The catalog of seismograms integrated in the standard installation enable you to get familiar with the software. Using these examples, you will quickly be able to use all the functionalities of the software. 

Subsequently, the online data bank allows to go further. 

Load a user manual / 19.10.07 / 1.6MB